We are Emma and José and will accompany you throughout the e-learning modules. Have fun and see you soon!

Hello! We are Emma and José and will guide you through these English e-learning units. Have fun and see you soon!

About the e-learning modules on this website:

In the “User Guide to the University of Rostock” you get interesting insights into the academic culture in Germany, learn to prepare and to follow up your courses, how to contact your lecturers, and others.

TIPP: Click on the timeline on this site to get an overview of what you can expect in the “User Guide to the University of Rostock” and which e-learning module is designed for which issue.

Important information for using the e-learning modules:

To open the e-learning modules, you need a user name and password (which are NOT the same as the general user name and password for your university login). If you do not have a user name and password yet, please contact us via email: andrea.ruth[at]uni-rostock.de

Our modules are optimized for usage with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Other browsers may cause displacements of text or images. In case that single pages do not open, clear your browser history and refresh the site.

You can get certificates and ECTS points for certain modules. Get more specific information here.

And now: have fun!!

Your SAIL COMPASS team of the university of Rostock

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