Certificate and ECTS points
    What is a certificate and how can I get ECTS points?


  • You can get certificates and ECTS points for all units from the “Intercultural communication” and “Strategy trainings” section.
  • You CANNOT GET certificates and ECTS points for units from the “Study organisation” section.
  • When you have completed one unit, you will get 1 ECTS point.<
  • To do so, at the beginning of a unit click on the yes icon.
  • Then, enter your family name, your first name etc. (Your personal information will not be saved by us, the use is entirely limited to creating your individual certificate.)
  • If you do not wish to get a certificate, click on the no icon.
  • Work through the unit completely. Please do not close the unit during this time. At the end of the unit, you will get your certificate. (If you have not completed all tasks, you will not get a certificate.
  • Please print your certificate.
  • Take your printed certificate to the Language Center (www.sprachenzentrum.uni-rostock.de) and get a signature by a lecturer. Certificates are only valid if they are signed.
  • If you have signed certificates of several units, you can take these certificates to the Language Center and get a Modulschein (which is the official certificate of the Language Center and states your ECTS points).